Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Another Cookbook Hack

I wonder how many foodie blogs crashed into the world of web journals after the publication of Julie Powell's Julie and Julia taken from her awesome blog: The Julie/Julia Project. Cooking through an entire book in one year? A regular person trying out some of the most intimidating culinary treasures. Or perhaps they're not that complex...truth be told: I've never actually flipped through a copy. I have, however, flipped through my very own Joy of Cooking. Seminal work for sure.

Anyway, after downloading the audiobook from iTunes and listening to it as I created variations of age-old recipes, the idea of creating this blog began to take root. At the risk of being very unoriginal, I'm going to start this adventure...it is, after all, an adventure for me.

In the north, many of the ingredients found in just about every cookbook are either impossible to get or attainable only with some pretty deep pockets. Since I don't possess the latter and the former is beyond my control, this blog is going to be a bit different. There will probably be more substitutions in my experiments as well as a modified instructions to deal with the altitude and weather. How would I whip my meringues without taking that into account?
Now for the rules:

1. All recipes will be taken from either The Joy of Cooking (75th Anniversary Edition) OR Cook With Jaime: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook (Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef).

2. Since there is no way I can get through one of these books in a year, I will stick to preparing at least 3 meals per week and reporting back on the fun and failures.

Simple, right? Ha! Probably not. An adventure nonetheless. So here goes nothin'...

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